Monday, 1 November 2010

Final Call for Abstracts for Sustainability Conference

A reminder that, if you would like to present a paper at Sustainability through Mineral Resource Conservation & Recycling '11 (SRCR '11) in Falmouth, Cornwall next May, then short abstracts should be submitted no later than the end of this month (November). The full scope of the conference, which is being sponsored by Outotec, can be found here. The conference barbecue will be held in the Mediterranean biome of Cornwall's famous Eden Project.

Risk-based approaches to major decisions (Risk'11) immediately follows SRCR '11 at the same venue.


  1. You might also be interested in the IoM3 Conference at the Royal society next week (10-11th November) - "Innovation Towards Sustainable Materials". For details please visit the IoM3 website
    Tony Hartwell, Resource Efficiency Knowledge Transfer Network, UK

  2. Very interested Tony, but unfortunately will be in Cape Town next week. Maybe you could submit a short report on the event for publication in MEI Online (


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