Saturday, 13 November 2010

Zinc Processing '10

This is one of the smallest conferences that we have ever held, and only the second one-day event, the other being Magnetic and Electrical Separation in Perth, Australia in 2006. There were 20 delegates at that event, but only 19 at Zinc Processing '10.

However, working on the assumption that small would be beautiful, we decided some time ago to proceed with the conference, and this morning Jon welcomed the delegates from Belgium, Canada, China, D.R. of Congo, Germany, Iran, Namibia, South Africa and UK.

It turned out to be a bizarre day, the poor Iranian delegate arriving obviously very ill and unable to present his paper, and many of the other papers finishing well within their scheduled 30 minutes. The timetable changed continuously throughout the day, so that rather than finishing at the scheduled 5pm, the conference ended with a late lunch at 1345.

All the papers in the timetable have been published in the Proceedings CD.

The next Zinc Processing conference will be held in Falmouth in June 2012 following Biohydromet '12.

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