Monday, 30 August 2010

Minerals industry nostalgia on the Helford River

We had an excellent lunch today at our old friends' Malcolm and Moira Hooper's home on the Helford River. Malcolm was one of my MSc Mineral Processing students at Camborne in the 1980s and is now an independent minerals industry consultant.

It was a wonderful occasion, as Malcolm and Moira had brought together many well known personalities from the minerals industry, based in, or having very strong connections with, Cornwall.

Left to right in the photo are: Dave and Diane Chilcott (Dave is an Associate of Wardell Armstrong International (WAI) Cornwall, and was General Manager of Mufulira Mine, Zambia, from 1986-1992), Owen Miholop, mining engineer with WAI, and fiancee Anne Boulter, Environmental Scientist at WAI (who are to be married on Saturday), Mark Owen (geologist at WAI), Pauline Clarke (wife of Nick), Barbara Wills, Moira and Malcolm Hooper, Adele and Phil Newall (Phil is manager at WAI, and was involved with the early MEI Conferences), Nigel Clarke (brother of Nick). Seated are Roy (father) and Nick (son) Clarke (Nick is with Central Asia Metals plc and was very much involved with the early CSMA/MEI Conferences).

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