Friday, 8 February 2019

The 2019 Canadian Mineral Processors Conference

The Canadian Mineral Processors (CMP) conference is held every year in the same location, the Westin Hotel in Ottawa. It is one of the world's largest gatherings of mineral processors, mainly representing Canada, but many other countries also participate.
As in previous years, if you attended this conference, held between January 22-24, I would like your views, and photos would be most appreciated.
John Starkey, of Starkey & Associates, Canada, gets the ball rolling, I hope, with this short note:
The Conference was well set up and ran smoothly by the Executive Committee with Stephanie Vo looking after the technical program.   There were just short of 600 delegates attending (about 587 was the last number I heard).  A mini schedule on a single folded up page made it easy to decide which papers to attend and which could be skipped for a meeting, at a glance.
My impression was that there were many more people from operating companies attending than usual, and that the quality of papers offered was very high and extremely interesting, because of the projects that were discussed.
A new initiative introduced by the board was for Erin Bobicki (Mineral Processing Professor at University of Toronto), to set up a poster competition to get more student involvement.  There were 15 posters presented and I was one of 15 judges, each of whom was responsible to evaluate four posters.  The award was presented at the banquet on Wednesday evening.
Two well-known members of our society, who passed away last year,  Ken Major and Klaus Konigsmann, were recognised at the banquet. Klaus was an icon, because of his mentorship abilities, and his senior influence and leadership as part of the Noranda organization. 
This posting will be updated if further views are received.

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