Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Fathi Habashi- still going strong at 90 years of age

On behalf of us all at MEI, I would like to wish the very best to Prof. Fathi Habashi, who was born in Alexandria, Egypt, 90 years ago today.
Over very many years Fathi has been a well known figure at major mineral processing conferences, presenting keynote lectures and chairing sessions. Only two years ago he delivered two presentations at the XXVIII IMPC in Quebec City, where he and his wife Nadia kindly showed me and Barbara around the campus of Laval University, at which Fathi is an Emeritus Professor. He has been quoted as saying to young people "do not stay in what is called an “ivory tower”. Travelling and attending conferences have enormous, sometimes unexpected benefits.”
At Laval University, Canada, September 2016
With Nick Hazen and the late Maurice Fuerstenau in Seattle, February 2012
Fathi is a prolific author of textbooks on extractive metallurgy and its history, and this year published the 160 page e-book Success and Failure in the Canadian Metallurgical Industry and the 170 page e-book Friends, Colleagues, and Mentors Who Passed Away. Currently he is working on the biographies of people, mainly scientists, who have influenced his long professional career either directly or indirectly.
Fathi is an inspiration to all, and I am sure he will continue to be so during his 90s.
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  1. Dear Barry, thanks for remembering me. Yes, I worked in Alexandria in te 1950s but was born in Minya about 400 km south of Cairo. Also, I spend my time writing because I have nothing else to do. Fathi


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