Thursday, 8 September 2016

New Book: Beneficiation of Phosphates

The crash of the minerals super cycle is being felt by the global phosphate industry. Fortunate phosphate companies are watching their profits drop manyfold, and the not-so-lucky ones are turning to survival mode.
The recent market squeeze and ever-increasing environmental pressures have, however, presented opportunities for developing technologies for extracting the most valuable elements from phosphate.
This compilation, edited by Patrick Zhang, Jan Miller, Ewan Wingate, and Laurindo Leal Filho, from the SME's 2015 Beneficiation of Phosphates Conference, includes insights from dozens of internationally respected experts on key breakthroughs that will shape the industry in the years ahead. Topics include:
•Recovery of rare earths from phosphate
•Uranium recovery from phosphoric acid
•Recovery of magnesium from high-dolomite phosphate rock
•Phosphoric acid purification via byproducts production

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  1. Looks very interesting; recovery of so many elements.


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