Thursday, 1 March 2012

International visitors to Falmouth

Barbara and I had a lovely meal last night at Falmouth’s excellent Samphire Restaurant, with Kirsty Hollis and Ted Bearman. Ted and Kirsty had just spent an interesting day at the nearby Camborne School of Mines (CSM). They have been in the UK for two weeks to visit a number of Universities across the country. Researchers at these universities are working on innovative new technologies which may change the face of mineral processing.

Ted, of Bear Rock Solutions, in Australia, is a graduate of CSM and received his PhD in rock engineering from Camborne in the 80s. He is well known in the field of comminution, and will be presenting a keynote lecture at next month’s Comminution ’12 in Cape Town.

Kirsty is with Newmont Mining Corporation, in Denver, USA, who are sponsoring November’s Precious Metals ’12 in Cape Town. Her role is to look into innovative technology as she and Newmont believe that these will play a key role in the future of both the company and the minerals industry in general.

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