Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Results of the MEI competition

We had 59 entries to our mini-competition, inviting you all to guess which of the postings on the blog has had the most views.

Unfortunately no one has won the free conference registration, in fact no one even named any of the first five highest views. Which were:

1. Very surprisingly, with 1134 page views was the posting of 9th March 2011, SME Mining Engineering Handbook, 3rd edition.

2. Did column flotation cells ever realise their potential? (14 May 2010)

3. Metplant '11 conference diary (12 August 2011).

4. ScienceDirect- not just for journals (4 October 2010).

5. MEI Award 2011 (16 November 2011).

Thanks to all of you who entered for your interest.

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