Friday, 6 August 2010

Calling all bloggers and tweeters

Inspired by a daily column in the UK Times newspaper entitled 'Chatter', which summarises daily trends and 'tweets', I would like to know if you are involved with, or are aware of, any blogs or Twitter sites devoted to mineral processing news, gossip etc? I would like to initiate a regular posting on the MEI blog, highlighting interesting blogs and tweets.

Twitter has great potential for networking, but many people are unaware of its uses, as they are deterred by the unprofessional-sounding name Twitter, and even more so by its postings or 'tweets'. Give it a go though, and you might get used to it. I put regular mineral processing news snippets on, so check it out by 'following' me.  During next month's IMPC I will be posting regular tweets on the progress of the event.

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