Tuesday, 27 July 2010

How do you search for journal publications?

There are now many ways of carrying out searches for publications and it would be interesting to know which methods are most productive.

If you make use of the Refereed Publications listings in MEI Online, I would be grateful if you could help us ascertain its value and usage. Do you find the MEI listings useful? In particular do you make use of the direct links to ScienceDirect for Elsevier journal papers?

Your input on this would be most appreciated and valued..


  1. For mining & minerala related searches I use OneMine.org ( http://www.onemine.org/ ), which has a good selection of curent and archived references.
    M.C. Albrecht, Mining & Minerals Project Management, USA

  2. We have local Serbian link or mostly http://www.sciencedirect.com
    Miodrag Banjesevic, Reservoir Capital Corp., Serbia & Montenegro

  3. We go straight to Sciencedirect, never through the MEI refereed journals listing. This is because we get automatic emails of the titles when they come out and we can click through from there. This is very convenient; you see the whole journal's titles in one go.
    Professor Jan Cilliers, Imperial College, UK

  4. I use ISI for all my searches.
    Helen Watling, CSIRO, Australia

  5. Most of my searches are done using Google and Google Scholar, as we search for patents and non-reviewed material as much as peer reviewed articles. In addition, we use ScienceDirect to receive automatic updates. Periodically I scan journal titles manually to fine-tune a search if I do not have success with keywords.
    Jannie van Deventer, Melbourne

  6. I find the links to ScienceDirect in MEI Online's Recent Publications invaluable. I am a one-man consultant so do not subscribe to the Elsevier journals. If I see a paper of interest on MEI Online I pay ScienceDirect for the individual paper and download it.
    T. Jones, UK

  7. I use Web of Science to search for papers. I
    also use Article First to search for papers. I
    also receive regular TOC from ScienceDirect for
    a number of journals.

  8. Have automatic searches set with ISI and Metadex. Also scan MEI and the links are excellent as they provide quick access. For journal publications I search using ScienceDirect or ISI. For more general literature searches I use Scirus.
    Paul Breuer, CSIRO, Australia

  9. Hallo Barry,
    I use your recent publications and the links to sciencedirect the most in keeping up with the literature. A great service!
    Prof. Malcolm Powell, JKMRC, Australia

  10. Barry,
    I use ISI Web of Knowledge for most of my searches. If I can't find what I am looking for using ISI, then I use Google Scholar.
    Phil Owen, CSIRO, Australia

  11. I use ScienceDirect most of the time, because I am (and used to be) a UFMG student, so I have my access granted through the university. This means I have free access to the publications and a long list of partner journals. Sometimes I ask for papers through AMEC's library. The guys in Perth (especially Susanne) have been very helpful with articles and stuff. I've never tried MEI, but I will.
    Bruno Paiva, GRD MinProc, Brazil


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