Sunday, 18 July 2010

Memories of St. Andrews '98

Watching the Open golf on TV evoked memories of my one and only visit to St. Andrews 12 years ago.  I organised a golf tournament for delegates at Minerals Engineering '98 in Edinburgh.  I can identify only a few of the players, apart from me, on that day (pictured below in the clubhouse car park): Phil King (2nd left), Jim Finch (5th left), Liam Macnamara (8th left) and Nick Clarke (far right).

We were not allowed to play on the Old Course, and our round was on the adjacent Jubilee course (left with Jim Finch).  Despite the wonderful weather, it was amazingly difficult, with tiny fairways, and rough which would have easily hidden a herd of African elephants (and many of our golf balls!).


  1. Liam MacNamara19 July 2010 at 16:47


    First left is Tony Jackson, 2nd from the right is James Shelley and 3rd from the right is Jeremy Tucker.

    Great day out - lost 3 balls on the first hole!!



  2. Only 3?! It sure was tough though. I was interested to hear that Rory McIlroy, who led the first round of the Open after a 63 on Friday, has never had a round in the 70s at St. Andrews. At least we have that in common with him!

  3. Barry: I was there, pictured in the middle of the back row with sunglasses and a St. Andrews ball cap. That was one of the most memorable golf days in my life. It was truely a joy to be there. Keep up the good work. Best regards: Pat

    Patrick R. Taylor
    G.S. Ansell Distinguished Professor of Chemical Metallurgy
    Colorado School of Mines


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