Sunday, 9 May 2021

Prof. D.V. Subba Rao, 1954-2021

Sad news from India of the death of Prof. D.V. Subba Rao, just one of over 215,000 people in India who have succumbed to Covid in the pandemic.
Prof. Subba Rao was a former Head of Department and Associate Professor at SDS Autonomous College (affiliated to Andhra University, Visakhapatnam), Garividi, India. An eminent academic he taught at the institute for more than three decades, his students admiring him for his unique teaching skill and simple explanations for different mineral and coal processing topics. 
Prof. Subba Rao published five textbooks on mineral and coal processing (Mineral Beneficiation, Minerals and Coal Process Calculations, The Belt Conveyor, Coal Processing and Utilization, Textbook of Mineral Processing) under different leading international publishers. 
He also trained many practicing engineers from different industries, including Vedanta Ltd, Essar Steel Ltd (Now ArcelorMittal/Nippon Steel), Tega Industries Ltd.  He also served as the Executive Council Member at the Indian Institute of Mineral Engineering and as President of the Indian Institute of Mineral Engineering Student Chapter, Garividi. 
Prof. Subba Rao is survived by his wife and two daughters.


  1. Barry, I was really shocked and shaken when I came to know of the sad demise of Prof. DV Subba Rao-(fondly called as D.V. by many)- he definitely deserves a mention on our MEI for his omen service as a teacher and a motivator. We indeed lost one of the pillars of Mineral Engineering education at the basic level in India. i.e. called We both graduated from the same Andhra University though he was much junior to me. He did a master's degree in chemical engineering and then joined the college at Garividi ( a small place with a Fellow Alloy Plant). One has to pay homage to S.D,P, Saraf who set up the plant and founded the basic science degree college. in that village. An imposing building with a great ambiance. That college gives basic degrees in sciences and mineral processing happens to be one of them. D.V. joined at junior level, then took mineral processing as a field and brought it to great heights, teaching basics laced with plant requirements.
    I being already in mineral engineering at ISM, we happened to like each other and I must have visited his place many times --many of his students did masters at other places and joined me at ISM for higher degrees.
    Many have joined organizations like Tatas, many MNCs--gone abroad. They always remember him fondly with respect.
    He had always been frank and forthright in his thoughts and actions--mineral processing his "passion".
    He wrote many books at the basic level and always gave me the honor to write Preface.
    He led a very simple life and full of affection.
    May his soul rest in peace and may God give strength to his family and colleagues like me and his dear students.

  2. Dear Dr Barry
    Thanks a lot for putting the obituary of Prof. D.V.Subbarao sir from Shri Durgaprasad Saraf College, Shreeramnagar, Garividi,India.There are no words to describe his magnanimity. He was a teacher, mento, guru, father and friend to all students who students under him. A very simple and humble teacher who never cared , what ever be the situation he took classes and labs. Labs with no AC just one lab attender and rest by students. Mineral beneficiation (including mechanics to process and material balancing fundamentals) in a very concise way and Materials Handling especially Belt conveyor technology are the subjects he taught and once attended his class it will remain the minds forever. Starting from hand written notes to cyclostyle to concise Books, he converted the knowledge and published so that each and every person, engineer can learn and understand Mineral Engineering. Well he always use to say “think simple”. Well many students came from India and abroad at that time when I think Mineral Engg just picked up pace. Even after retirement he worked hard for Mineral Engineering, kept track of each and every student. Never missed any student till his last breath.
    His passion for the subject made him to write and publish 06 books on Coal preparation, Mineral Beneficiation Basics and Material Handling. These books are simple to understand.
    We were really shocked to hear is loss. For us all he was “Guru Devo Bhava” (Guru is God)

    Equally we are grateful to MEI for placing him at this platform......
    Thanks and regards
    Rama Murthy

  3. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to Prof. DV Subba Rao's family and to the people of India during these difficult times.
    Hanna Horsch

  4. Dear Barry, I wish to thank you for posting an obituary of Prof D V Subba Rao, a unsung hero and a good teacher in mineral processing, whos has written about 5 books in the field related to mineral engineering. Prof DVS was a simple personality always thinking about the students and mineral processing. Certainly, COVID19 has cruelly snatched a born teacher from us. He tried to persuade me to join him in writing a book on 'Ore to Metal", which I politely refused due to my own limitations. He was like an elder brother to me in the profession Though mortally Prof DVS is not there with us but his books will remind the mineral engineering fraternity of present and future. May God give strength to his family and friends like me and his dear students.


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