Monday, 25 January 2021

We welcome Festo, the latest sponsor of Flotation '21

It was good to hear that Festo, a multi-national company with over 22,000 employees worldwide, is to sponsor Flotation '21 in Cape Town in November.

Festo develops tailored automation solutions for the process industry, in all project phases from engineering to operation and maintenance. The company exhibited at Flotation '17 for the first time, and  was a full sponsor for Flotation '19, the last face to face MEI conference before the pandemic.

The photo below shows the Festo booth at Flotation '19. On the right is Thomas Bertsch of Festo Germany, who presented work at the conference discussing the next level towards increased productivity by applying digitalization and artificial intelligence concepts in minerals processing.

Thanks again to Festo, and to all our sponsors who are supporting us during these difficult times.



  1. I am extremely happy that Festo joined the group of other sponsors in carrying the Flag of MEI events -their expertise, as you narrated, is most welcome at this point of time for optimal use of resources in the most economical way.My hearty compliments --many times I wonder whether these technical conferences of any professional organizations can take place without the "large support" of equipment manufacturers and industry
    I may also dare to add that that development(may be with the support of academicians) and then venturing to manufacture and make industry to know the benefits likely to accrue are all to be placed on record--and so my extended comments.
    I wish our event a great success, Barry.

    1. Thanks TC. We appreciate the support of Festo and all our other sponsors during these difficult and uncertain times


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