Monday, 20 January 2020

A new way of presenting mineral processing news on MEI Online

You may have noticed, or read about it in the MEI Online Update newsletter, that we are no longer adding press releases to MEI Online. This decision was taken after a lot of consideration, but ultimately we felt that our time and energies would be better spent on conferences.
However, we didn't want to leave you without any news, so from now on you will be able to view all the news that we would normally have added to MEI Online via a new Twitter feed: MEIOnlineNews. This twitter feed has been embedded on the MEI Online homepage, giving you access to all the latest news. Unfortunately Twitter does not support Internet Explorer, so if you are using this browser you will need to click on the MEIOnlineNews link to access current news.
If you have mineral processing news, but do not use Twitter then please email any news that you think may be relevant directly to me ( As Twitter has a limit of 140 words, the announcement should be very brief, and should include a web address for more comprehensive information. A photograph can also be sent, as this is not included in the word count.
Let's keep the information flowing. Follow me on Twitter (@barrywills) so that I can follow you back and collect your news.


  1. Bary and Team,
    I respect your decision but I would like to appreciate the tremendous contribution made by you all with the "News Letter"
    I hope we get used to your new system and go on getting ourselves in touch with the latest in our profession.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments TC. Amanda will still be sending out the newsletter, which will have news of journal publications, conferences and job vacancies. It is only news press releases which will be omitted and such news will be filtered onto the home page of MEI Online via Twitter.


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