Sunday, 17 November 2019

Relaxing in Cape Town

After a very busy week, with a record attendance at Flotation '19, we are now relaxing for a few days at the Vineyard Hotel in Cape Town's quiet Claremont suburb. It has been a great week with a great crowd of people and we thank all those who have sent us very kind comments, which we much appreciate.

The Vineyard Gardens
You never know who you are going to bump into at the Vineyard, one of Cape Town's most popular hotels, but it was a surprise to see Prof. Eric Forssberg and his wife Ebba, who had called in for lunch on the terrace. Eric has been involved with the International Mineral Processing Council meeting which has been taking place in Cape Town this week.

It has been a cloudy week due to Table Mountain being covered by its famous "tablecloth", which spills spectacularly down the mountain slope on the city side of the mountain, but is often denser and wetter on the eastern slopes facing Claremont and Newlands.
We took a short 'Uber' ride into the city and got a great view of the tablecloth via the Cape Town Wheel on the waterfront.  Claremont is on the other side of the mountain on the left.
Uber is the way to get around Cape Town, efficient, cheap and safe, so I would recommend that you install the App before coming to a Cape Town conference. A favourite return trip is to Camp's Bay, one of the city's most beautiful beaches. We took an Uber to Sea Point this afternoon, then walked the 6 km to Camp's Bay, for a late lunch in one of the resorts many restaurants, before Ubering back to the Vineyard.
Camp's Bay
Amanda and Jon are now back in Cornwall, but Barbara and I fly to the diamond town of Kimberley tomorrow, then on to Pretoria, where we take the train to Zimbabwe, up through Matabeleland to Victoria Falls. The report on Flotation '19 will have to wait a couple of weeks!

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