Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Five more companies confirm support of MEI Conferences

We are pleased to announce that during the past few weeks five more companies have committed to sponsorship of upcoming MEI Conferences.
Hudbay Minerals is a Canadian integrated mining company with operations, development properties and exploration activities across the Americas, principally focused on the discovery, production and marketing of base and precious metals. Hudbay's properties include the Flin Flon copper and zinc facilities and Lalor mine in Manitoba, Canada; the Constancia copper and molybdenum facilities in southern Peru; and the Rosemont copper/molybdenum project in Arizona, United States, which is currently in the permitting phase.
The company has had no previous involvement with MEI Conferences, but its new Vice-President of Technical Services certainly has. Dr. Peter Amelunxen was the first recipient of the MEI Young Person's Award. Prior to joining Hudbay he was a consultant to the company and also served as President of Aminpro Peru’s metallurgical laboratory and engineering team.
Aminpro sponsored the previous 3 MEI flotation conferences, and Hudbay has now committed to sponsoring not only Flotation '19, but also Physical Separation '19 and Comminution '20. Peter says "...over the past years I have participated and presented in various MEI Flotation and Process Mineralogy conferences, all in Cape Town.  I always look forward to these conferences for the excellent organization and the great socializing and networking opportunities that they present, but in particular the concentration of high quality papers and presentations is second to none in our field". 
ZEISS has become, in recent years, one of MEI's most dedicated followers. With its Mineralogic Systems solutions it is a world leader in automated mineralogy. The company has now confirmed its sponsorship of Flotation '19, and Comminution '20, the 3rd time it has sponsored these series. ZEISS has also committed to Process Mineralogy '20, the 5th time it has sponsored the series, and is also sponsoring Hi-Tech Metals '20, the first sponsor of this new series. The company will also be running a free workshop immediately following Process Mineralogy '20, addressing the mining value chain with 2D, 3D and 4D microscopy solutions.
Nouryon may be an unfamiliar name, but the well-known former AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals, a sponsor of Flotation '15, was relaunched as Nouryon a few months ago. The move follows the acquisition of the business by The Carlyle Group and marks the company’s transition to becoming an independent, global specialty chemicals leader. We welcome Nouryon as a sponsor of Flotation '19.
The advanced materials and specialty chemicals company Solvay, is once more sponsoring a flotation conference, having supported Flotation '17. Prior to that US-based Cytec was a regular sponsor of the flotation series of conferences, but at the end of 2015 the company was acquired by Solvay.
Finally we welcome Senmin who will be sponsoring Flotation '19, the 7th time they have sponsored the series. Senmin is a South African manufacturer and supplier of mining chemicals used in the beneficiation of a wide range of ores such as platinum, copper, zinc, coal etc, as well as polyacrylamides used for tailings treatment. The company has recently invested in state-of-the-art technology to meet expanding mining requirements and deliver new specialty products, complementing its existing product range to meet the growing demands of mines throughout South and Southern Africa, Australasia and Chile.
The latest updates on all the conferences can be found at #PhysicalSeparation19, #Flotation19, #Comminution20, #HiTechMetals20 and #ProcessMineralogy20.
The latest 5 sponsors of MEI Conferences

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