Monday, 4 September 2017

CEEC extends its support of MEI Conferences

The goal of the Coalition for Eco-Efficient Comminution (CEEC) is to raise awareness of research findings, alternative comminution strategies and installed outcomes and to accelerate information, knowledge and technology transfer, with the objective of lower processing costs and raising shareholder value as a result of improved comminution practices. CEEC has supported MEI's Comminution conferences since 2016 as an industry advocate, and we are pleased that this support is to be extended beyond Comminition '18 and into Sustainable Minerals '18 and Physical Separation '19.
Alison Keogh, CEEC's Chief Executive and Company Secretary, said "we see value in encouraging more contributions and more discussion and awareness in these fields, to promote improvement upstream and downstream of comminution. In our view, these conferences are a natural complement to comminution, putting it into context and integrating with important other steps, in line with CEEC's role and aims. To drive efficient mineral production we need to look at all steps in the process from the mineral resource to the product. The orebody characteristics should determine the way we design, operate and integrate the steps in mining and processing. One of the best things we can do is to remove coarse gangue early. This increases energy efficiency, reduces water use, reduces waste and increases throughput. The Physical Separation conference considers options, approaches and advances in this important field".
The global mining industry is striving to employ more efficient mining and processing methods to minimise footprint and improve resource utilisation and value, and to integrate with community and environmental needs. "The Sustainable Minerals Conference highlights the many options and advances to improve the way we design, operate and integrate the steps in mining and plant processes, to increase productivity, reduce waste, improve energy efficiency and water use, and engage communities", Alison said.
MEI is delighted to have this opportunity to forge stronger links with CEEC and we look forward to working closely with Alison and her team in the future.

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  1. Let me compliment CEEC for the support to an event which is bringing R&D and practicing engns to focus more and more on such relevant and the most needed areas of mineral exploitation. For survival and sustainability of our industry we have to come out with new ideas .
    I am sure some major breakthroughs will come through these continued efforts by MEI.


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