Monday, 21 August 2017

Comminution '18- final call for abstracts

With mining companies having to tighten their belts in these hard times, the importance of optimising comminution, the most energy intensive operation in mineral processing, becomes ever more important.

"Comminution must be the key mineral processing technology during the next 50 years." - Prof. Alban Lynch (August 2013)
Comminution '18, which will be held in Cape Town in April, is the 11th in MEI's conference series. Comminution '16 attracted 177 delegates from 23 countries to Cape Town  (see full report and pictures, and comments from delegates, in posting of 25 April 2016).
Reflecting the need to reduce energy and increase the efficiency of comminution, the conference once more has the backing of the Coalition for Eco-Efficient Comminution (CEEC) as Industry Advocate, and already 13 companies are providing major corporate support to what we are sure will be another opportunity for experts from around the world to discuss new ideas and common problems.

There is now a final call for abstracts. All accepted papers will be published in draft form in the conference Proceedings, and after the conference all authors will be invited to submit final papers for peer-review for a special comminution issue of Minerals Engineering. The deadline for abstract submission is the end of September.
Highlights of the technical sessions will be two keynote lectures from world renowned experts in comminution.  "Comminution in 2068 - will SAG mills still be relevant?" will be presented by Prof. Holger Lieberwirth of TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany. "Superior comminution circuit performance: integrating classification during design is the key" will be given by Prof. Aubrey Mainza, of the University of Cape Town, South Africa.
As always the conference will be held in Cape Town's Vineyard Hotel, its superb gardens under Table Mountain providing the perfect setting for the extended coffee breaks, lunches and happy hours, intended to give delegates the opportunity of relaxing and networking in the best of conditions.

Networking at Comminution '16
Registration is already open, and if you would like to exhibit, the exhibition layout is available, showing those companies who have already reserved booths.
At the Comminution '16 exhibition
We look forward to seeing you in Cape Town next April.

Congratulations on a great conference (Comminution '16). Good papers, made more powerful by a single stream which meant high attendance at each session, and good long breaks for informal discussions throughout the day, and meals in a spacious vendors area to encourage circulation. A great formula for a conference - quality over quantity, and time for discussion and networking and to keep the energy levels high. I wish all conferences could manage this balance so well.
Joe Pease, Mineralis Consulting, Chairman CEEC

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    Many minerals which are in ppm or in % < 10 need to be ground to 150 micron or less. This needs lot of energy. Energy means pollutants. Today we produce energy from Coal, fuels containing carbon which when burnt produce pollutants. Hence we need to stop process which consumes more power.
    Priority to be given to those process where you need less energy. Few such new technologies are PRESSURE ROLL CRUSHERS. Though the capacity is low but is very useful equipment. We can redesign rollers with Big size more than present dia and which suits the big capacity.


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