Thursday, 25 May 2017

We welcome Cheminova as a sponsor of Flotation '17

Danish company Cheminova, who is sponsoring MEI's flotation series for the 4th time, was established in Copenhagen by Gunnar Andreasen, a chemical engineer, in 1938.
The company has grown to become an important manufacturer of plant protection chemicals, chemical intermediates, and flotation chemicals.

In 1953 Cheminova moved its manufacturing plant to its present western Jutland location on the Rønland peninsula between the North Sea and the Liim Fiord. Because elemental phosphorus and sulphur raw materials are delivered directly to the plant, Cheminova’s manufacturing is completely vertically integrated and provides Cheminova considerable infrastructural advantages, which have been an important factor in its growth. Additionally the location allows it to effectively manage costs, final product quality and responsiveness to customers.
Cheminova has become a well-established leader in the production of organophosphate reagents and chemicals, the flotation chemical product line being a very important product line extension to its agricultural chemicals because the dithiophosphate phosphorus-sulphur chemistries are quite complementary to the agriculture chemicals, which are also phosphorus and sulphur based.
A wide range of flotation dithiophosphate reagents are produced in acid and aqueous solution forms, the latter using sodium, potassium or ammonium hydroxide for neutralization. To ensure that the products provide the best possible mineral processing circuit performance, Cheminova has developed dithiophosphate mixtures and mixtures of dithiophosphates with mercaptobenzothiazole and thionocarbamates that have been tailored for the rigorous needs of the mining industry.  In order to provide a full complement of flotation reagent products, Cheminova also supplies some frothers.
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  1. It is good that chemical manufacturer is sponsoring the Conference; this will give an opportunity to plant people to know of the new reagents Compliments to "Cheminova"
    In you introduction you mentioned "plant protection chemicals"--pl elaborate.


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