Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A flurry of support indicative of confidence in the industry?

Although delegate numbers at last week's SME were down on previous years, there was a general feeling of optimism that the industry may at last be climbing out of its long trough. While I was away in Colorado there was an influx of corporate support for MEI Conferences suggesting that things might indeed be on the up.
FLSmidth has long been a serial sponsor of MEI Conferences, and while in Denver I met the new Strategic Marketing Manager Mimi Sofie Stabell, who renewed their vows by signing up for Comminution '18, already being sponsors for Flotation '17. I also heard from Jon back home that sponsor Russell Mineral Equipment had reserved three exhibition booths at Comminution '18.
Current Comminution '18 sponsors
Jon also informed me that Process Mineralogy '17 sponsor ZEISS, another serial sponsor, had also agreed to sponsor Flotation '17, Comminution '18 and Sustainable Minerals '18.
US-based Cytec was a regular sponsor of the flotation series of conferences, but at the end of 2015 the company was acquired by multi-specialty chemical company Solvay, and it was good to hear in Denver that the company will continue Cytec's tradition, by their confirmed involvement in Flotation '17.
Current Flotation '17 sponsors
So, maybe things are on the up and we should now look forward with cautious optimism. I will certainly be keeping an eye on metal prices on MEI Online.
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  1. Bary,
    I am happy that industry is coming forward to support these events; I hope they would (should) be the main players in presentations etc. Let R&D and academic experts listen to them so that future would be more towards need based work to make the industry more viable and acceptable by general public.


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