Friday, 25 November 2016

Moscow IMPC 2018, first announcement

MEI is proud to be a media partner for the XXIX International Mineral Processing Congress, which will be held in Moscow, Russia on September 15-21, 2018. The website for the conference is now up and running, and there is a call for abstracts, which should be submitted by 1st September 2017.
Chairman of IMPC 2016, Jim Finch (centre) with Valentine Chanturiya,
the Chairman of the Moscow IMPC and Svetlana Plieva of organising company Mako
This will be the first time that an IMPC has been held in Russia, and the organisers expect over one thousand professionals and academics from all over the world to attend and exchange knowledge and experience, to present the results of scientific research and to discuss innovations in the mineral processing industry.
The scientific program and exhibition will run for 4 days, September 16-19, followed by two days of cultural and technical tours.
Barbara and I spent some time in Russia in 2007 and Moscow was the highlight. We strolled freely around the city, with its first class restaurants and wonderful historical sites, and I would highly recommend visiting St. Petersburg first and then taking the overnight Grand Express sleeper train to Moscow. 

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  1. Thank you Dr. Wills. Via this post, I've learned that the IMPC'18 website is now running. It makes people feel excited, it made me indeed. I look forward to attend to this congress. However, I haven't been to Russia before and I hope this will be a good opportunity to see the historical side of this country.


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