Friday, 21 October 2016

Official launch of the Cornwall Mining Alliance at the October Sundowner

There was a very big turn out last night for the October Cornish Mining Sundowner, held at the University of Exeter's Penryn Campus. Regulars were joined by members of the Cornwall Mining Alliance (CMA) for the official launch of its website. Having developed from some initial ideas and discussions had between the Sundowner and UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) personnel in 2012/2013, the CMA was formed in 2016 and intends to connect mining expertise and provide the right people for the job. The CMA is partnered by Cornwall Chamber of Mines & Minerals, UKTI and University of Exeter, and already has 69 members, reflecting the high profile that mining still has in this historic area, once the world's largest producer of copper and tin, and now home to a unique concentration of innovative businesses, organisations and experienced professionals, providing services to all aspects of mining and related industries in the UK and around the world.
The CMA Steering Committee: Bernard Ballard, Kim-Marie Clothier,
Kathy Hicks, Frances Wall, Jean Taylor and Tony Bennett
It was an interesting evening, where I met a recent Camborne School of Mines graduate who has acquired a hard rock rare earth deposit in Namibia (expect to hear more of this at MEI's proposed Rare Earths '19 in Windhoek) and talked to various people of the two hot topics in west of England mining at the moment. It is sad to hear of the problems that Wolf Minerals is having with its Drakelands tungsten mine, just across the border in Devon, due to low metal prices and problems with a very sticky ore. Also interesting to hear a very reliable source talk with optimism of the possible resurgence of South Crofty tin mine in a few years time, despite the scepticism which was shown at the sundowner only 2 months ago. I would love to see it happen, but would not personally put my money on it!

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