Friday, 13 May 2016

Outotec world's 3rd most sustainable company

For the 2nd time (see also posting of 12 February 2014) Outotec has been ranked the world's third most sustainable company in the 2016 Global 100 index. As a global leader in minerals and metals processing technology, the Finnish company has developed a range of breakthrough technologies, many of which have been highlighted at MEI Conferences.
Alex Heath and Angie Voges of Outotec demonstrating the virtual reality system
for training operators in mill relining, at Comminution '16
Pertti Korhonen, Outotec CEO expressed his delight on the ranking, which recognises Outotec's continued efforts to enable sustainable use of natural resources. "We work hard to reduce the environmental impact of our customers' operations through resource efficient and cleaner processing technologies and services, as well as solutions for waste-to-energy, industrial water management, recycling and reprocessing of tailings and effluents" he said.
MEI is also proud to be acssociated with this giant company, who have provided continual corporate support of MEI Conferences over the years, particularly the flotation and comminution series of conferences. Very appropriately Outotec is a major sponsor of next month's Sustainable Minerals '16 event, and also of Biohydromet '16 at the same venue in Falmouth.
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