Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Geometallurgy will feature strongly at Process Mineralogy '17

We are very pleased to announce that Steve Williams, President, CEO and founder of Pasinex Resources Limited, Canada, a company exploring and mining zinc in Turkey, has accepted an invitation to present a keynote lecture at next year's Process Mineralogy '17 in Cape Town.
Steve has worked in the mining industry since 1976 in milling operations in Australia and Canada. He worked 20 years with SGS Lakefield Research in Canada and Chile in both metallurgical project management and business management, finally becoming Managing Director for SGS Canada, a company with about 1300 employees in Canada. He has authored many technical papers and in 2004 he became a CIM Distinguished Lecturer and in 2008 a CIM Fellow, for his work in geometallurgy.
Geometallurgy is the science of integrating geology and mineralogy with mineral processing and extraction, and is now commonly practiced but it is not yet truly embedded or “mainstream”. In his keynote Steve will highlight the benefits and tasks ahead for geometallurgy. Pasinex Resources Limited is developing a carbonate replacement type zinc deposit in southern Turkey. The presentation will describe learnings from this junior company undertaking a greenfields mine development, as it relates to the application and benefits of geometallurgy. The presentation will conclude with observations on those things that geometallurgy must overcome in order to “go mainstream”.


  1. This promises to be fantastic keynote and it is a real privilege to have Steve Williams sharing some of his wisdom and participating in our conference here in Cape Town next year.

  2. I am extremely happy that such a lecture is conceived and going to be presented.This is the only proper way of looking at our mineral industry for its survival and growth;looking at each aspect in isolation has been the main problem and integration would give a total picture


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