Thursday, 7 January 2016

Last month's most viewed blog posts

The 10 most popular blog postings in December can be seen below, together with the date of the posting and the total number of comments on the post.

Flotation '15 Conference Diary
29 November 2015 (29)
Are these WASET conferences just a scam?
28 April 2013 (67)
IOM3 Conference honours Prof. Derek Fray
18 December 2015 (0)
Comminution '16 Provisional Programme now available
8 December 2015 (0)
Minerals Engineering journal continues to thrive
11 December 2015 (2)
Prof. A.K. Biswas, 1934-2015
3 December 2015 (3)
2015 with MEI
27 December 2015 (1)
Eminent Biohydrometallurgist joins the Editorial Board of Minerals Engineering
11 July 2014 (1)
Last month's most viewed posts
5 December 2015 (0)
Final Calls for Abstracts: Biohydrometallurgy '16 and Sustainable Minerals '16
8 November 2015 (2)

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