Thursday, 3 September 2015

Porthtowan to Chapel Porth

This is a superb short walk, only 1.3 miles, between two of Cornwall's most picturesque little coves. For those wishing to walk from Porthtowan I would suggest that you extend the walk for another half a mile and take the steep hike up the cliff from Chapel Porth beach to the iconic Wheal Coates (posting of 20 August ), its Towanroath pumping engine house arguably being the most photographed in Cornwall, as it is more accessible than the famous Crowns Engine houses at Botallack (posting of 16th April).

There is also much evidence of mining activity just north of Porthtowan, although little remains now of Wheal Charlotte, which was worked not very succesfully for copper in the early 19th century, except for a crumbling engine house and a few spoil heaps.

Apart from the steep climb up the heavily eroded footpath from Porthtowan, this is a fairly easy little walk, with some great north coast scenery, particularly looking down to the beaches of Porthtowan and Chapel Porth, and the superb view looking north when approaching Chapel Porth of the not too distant Wheal Coates.

Porthtowan beach

The crumbling remains of Wheal Charlotte

Descending to Chapel Porth, with the view of Wheal Coates across the valley

Chapel Porth beach

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