Friday, 23 January 2015

January mining sundowners in Cornwall and Devon

A change of venue last night for the Cornwall Mining Sundowner. Falmouth's Chain Locker was forsaken for the first time, with the aim of moving the sundowner around the major Cornish towns. Last night's event, attended by 16 people, was held at the County Arms in Truro. Among the few mineral processors were Nick Wilshaw and Kathryn Hadler, of nearby Grinding Solutions Ltd.

Earlier in the month, on January 9th, a record turnout of 30 mining and related personnel attended the latest Devon Mining Sundowner at the Miners’ Arms, Hemerdon Village. Those attending included Wolf Minerals personnel from the Drakelands operation, from the Plymouth Science Park office and from Perth head office; special guests included Roger Craddock, the former AMAX Hemerdon project manager and Robin Boon former Geevor and South Crofty chief surveyor.

Wolf Minerals employees: Amy Hatswell,
Samantha Bartlett, Caroline Adams, Laura Fushley,
Jenny Edwards and Bonita Scaysbrook

Sam Oakley, Wolf Grade Control Technician; Laurie Hassall, Wolf Geologist; Robin Boon, ex Geevor and South Crofty chief surveyor; Charlie Northfield, Wolf Process Plant Manager

Klaus van der Wielen, who will be joining Wolf in April; Henry Chalcraft , Environmental Officer and Barnaby Hudson, Environmental Manager

Gemma and James McFarlane. James joined Wolf Minerals on 05 January as Chief Geologist

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