Sunday, 31 August 2014

Tall Ships in Falmouth

Tall Ships Falmouth 2014

Falmouth’s association with the sea and ships has been a part of Cornwall’s heritage for centuries, so it is not surprising that the town always gives an enthusiastic welcome to the sailing ships of bygone times. Fortunately  many of these vessels have been restored and looked after and they still ply the oceans, albeit in a different capacity, that of sail training.

Four days ago 46 Sail Training vessels from around the world, including 11 of the magnificent square-sail Tall Ships, arrived in Falmouth for four days of festivities culminating in the start of the race to London Greenwich this afternoon.

It has been a wonderful few days. Falmouth has been heaving with people who have contributed to a great festive atmosphere.

Crowds flock into Falmouth

Refreshments at the Chain Locker overlooking the inner harbour

Pre-race fireworks

Parade of Sail


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