Friday, 21 February 2014

February's Cornwall Sundowner

by Amanda Wills

This was my first foray out to the Cornwall Sundowner and apparently I picked one of the busiest. There were a lot of students this month, due to the annual Bottle Match being played this weekend. The Bottle Match is a rugby match played between students of the Camborne School of Mines and students of the Royal School of Mines (RSM). It first first staged in 1902, and since then hockey, football, golf, netball and squash have also been introduced to the competition, however the deciding match is still the rugby match.
Good luck to CSM (not that I'm biased!), who will be fighting hard to regain the cup after losing to RSM for the last 3 years!

Students at the Sundowner

 As well as bumping into my brother, Jon Wills, there, I also had a chat with Nick Wilshaw, who is looking forward to attending Comminution '14 in a few weeks time in Cape Town. Nick's company, Grinding Solutions are sponsors and exhibitors and Nick, Jon and I discussed the problems of finding a 'give away' that people actually want and use. Any ideas anyone?

Al Cropp of MinAssist was also there. I hadn't seen Al for a good few years, since which we have both started a family, so it was good to catch up and swap stories of parenthood.

Busy in the Chain Locker at the February Cornwall Sundowner

I'm sorry that I didn't get to chat to many others, but will hopefully be a more regular attendee in the future!


  1. Thanks for this Amanda. Looks like I missed a good one. Let me know who wins The Bottle

  2. Hope to see you again at the Sundowner, Amanda.

  3. CSM News (@NewsFromCSM)
    The #BottleMatch rugby ended 6-6 so @ImperialRSM keep the bottle another year. Well done to everybody who played sports this weekend!


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