Monday, 9 December 2013

Jim Finch joins the MEI Flotation team

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Prof. Jim Finch, of McGill University, Canada, to MEI's eminent band of consultants.

Jim joins Prof Dee Bradshaw, of Australia's JKMRC, to advise on MEI's series of flotation conferences, the next one being Flotation '15 in Cape Town.

Jim Finch and J-P Franzidis at Flotation '13
Jim is a well known figure in the world of mineral processing, and he replaces Prof. J-P Franzidis as flotation consultant. J-P retires soon and I would like to thank him on behalf of all at MEI for his valued contribution over the past few years in establishing the conferences as the premier events for flotation practitioners around the world.

We look forward to our future collaboration with Jim and Dee.


  1. Jim Finch had always been highly technically competent, and I am sure he will attract those with a strong research interest.

    JP was always inclusive and provided strong leadership in AMIRA P9 and JKSimFloat. I am sure he will maintain technical interest.
    Stephen Gay, Australia

  2. JP , Thank you!! Its been great fun working with you and the MEI team through the years and I will miss you - but I also look fwd to working with you Jim, welcome aboard!!

    If we consider all this in mineral processing terms - I am still in the recycle stream, while you JP, are recovered to concentrate for further upgrading or refining, and we now have have some fresh (high quality) feed in the form of Jim!!



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