Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Important new book on Human Resources

In 2010 the International Mineral Processing Council (IMPC) established and Education Commission, chaired by Professor Jan Cilliers, a member of Council and also Professor at the Royal School of Mines at Imperial College, UK. The Commission established a working group consisting of representatives from almost all mining countries around the world and over the past few years has investigated in some depth the global status regarding the supply of graduates for the Industry as well as recent trends in the education of such graduates. At the time of the New Delhi Congress it organized a Workshop on this topic and the Proceedings of the Workshop has now been published:

Minerals Industry Education and Training
Editors: J. Cilliers, D. Drinkwater amd K. Heiskanen
Indian Institute of Minerals Engineers, 2013. ISBN 81-901714-4-5. The book is also available for free download in pdf format from the IMPC 2012 website.

The Council and the Commission are of the view that the topics covered in this book will be of great interest to leaders in both industry and the academic and research sector.

Should you or your colleagues wish to obtain any further information on the activities of this Commission or wish to participate in its on-going activities please contact Professor Cilliers at 

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  1. Very good job !
    Congratulations to Jan, Diana and Kari.
    Mauricio L Torem


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