Sunday, 9 June 2013

Cornwall in full bloom

With just over a week to go before the start of Computational Modelling '13 and Physical Separation '13, Cornwall is now in full bloom. The springtime bluebells are now fading to be replaced by a profusion of wild flowers, making this perhaps the best time of the year to walk the coast path with your camera.

The photos below were taken today at Lizard Point, only 22 miles from Falmouth, the most southerly point of Great Britain.

The Lizard is also famous for being one of the only places in England where the Hottentot fig flourishes. This succulent is native to South Africa but has naturalised in many other regions of the world. Although beautiful, it is an invasive species which poses a serious threat to Cornwall's native plants.

Hottentot Figs
The Hottentot fig can also be seen at St. Mawes and in one small section of the cliffs at Falmouth- just in front of the St. Michael's Hotel, the MEI Conferences venue!

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