Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Chinese translation of Mineral Processing Technology

We had welcome visitors today, Prof. Tim Napier-Munn and his wife Georgie, who are on a 2-month 'Grand Tour' of Europe.

It was an opportune time for Tim to call into Falmouth, as last night I received a surprise package by courier- the Chinese translation of the 7th edition of Mineral Processing Technology. The English version was published in 2006, edited by Tim, who was then Director of Australia's JKMRC, his staff, and me.

I had no idea that the book was being translated, and the Chinese edition is published by Metallurgical Industry Press, ISBN 978-7-5024-5437-1, and comes 25 years after the first foreign translation, of the 1st edition, into Spanish in 1987.

It was great to see Tim and Georgie, and to lunch with them at Falmouth's excellent The Cove Restaurant.


  1. I'm very proud of my Dad for getting his book translated into Chinese!

  2. Congratulations Barry on the Chinese Translation. I have a great feeling that this is only the beginning of a series of translations that are going to be done as the book has since proved to be very resourceful.Well Done Barry.


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