Monday, 27 August 2012

The IMPC is only 4 weeks away

The XXVI International Mineral Processing Congress starts four weeks today in New Delhi.

The IMPCs are the great meeting places for mineral processors, and a high turn out is expected.

MEI will be represented by Amanda, Jon and me and it will be great to catch up with as many of you as possible, either at the MEI booth, or at the social events.


  1. Hi Barry
    Unfortunately I can’t make this IMPC. I hope you all enjoy it. I did have a look at the list of accepted papers. The majority, I would guess plus 90%, coming from five countries – India (as would be expected), China, Russia, Turkey and Iran. I guess this reflects the location of this IMPC. I couldn’t help noticing the many English spelling and grammatical errors – only in the titles. Hopefully the text body of the papers will all have been spell checked!
    Mike Battersby

    1. Sorry we won't see you there Mike. I have always said that the overall quality of papers at IMPCs is poor, as it is impossible to sustain high calibre programmes every 2 years with typically over 400 papers accepted. But this time I see there are over 1000 accepted papers, which is crazy. It will be interesting to see how many authors fail to show and how the timetable will cope.
      But our main reason for being at the IMPC is to catch up with people, and develop new contacts,and that is in my view the most important function of IMPCs.


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