Tuesday, 31 July 2012

From the MEI Archives #20- Chingola 1972

This time next week I will be visting Nchanga, Zambia's largest copper mine. It will be my first visit to the Copperbelt since Barbara, Amanda and I left in August 1973.

The photo below was taken 40 years ago of the Nchanga Metallurgists rugby team, a motley crew who played 'friendly' matches against other mine department teams.

I hope some of you might be able to fill in a few gaps, but the faces that I remember are:

Bach row: ?, Mike Blowers, Phil Cudby, Giles Day, Jock McGregor, me, ?, Stuart Mellor, Doug Edmunds
Front row: John Farthing, Crawford Masson, Sandy Lambert, ?, ?, ?

It would also be great to hear from anyone in the picture.

Phil Cudby I am still in touch with. He is retired and lives in the UK. Giles Day has his own business in Cyprus. Jock McGregor sadly passed away in the USA several years ago. Stuart Mellor I last saw in 1982 on the Harmony Gold Mine in South Africa. Doug Edmunds is in UK, and founded the World's Strongest Man competition. Sandy Lambert frequently attends MEI Conferences and is an adjunct professor at the University of Cape Town.

After 40 years, I expect to see major changes to Chingola next week and will be sharing memories and photos if internet access allows.

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  1. The guy with the big beard next to Mike Blowers is Nigel Moore - he was the Sectional Eng. in the leach plant in the early 70´s, then became the Divisional Engineer for the whole of the met dept in the mid-70´s.
    Roger Kelley, Chile


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