Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Minerals Engineering broadens its scope

As a result of discussions at the recent SRCR '11 conference, it has been decided to increase the scope of Minerals Engineering, to take into account increasingly important environment issues which have validity to the minerals community.

The aims and scope of the journal will now include environmental issues, particularly those pertaining to sustainable development,  and the use of mineral processing techniques in the recovery and recycling of materials in industrial waste and WEEE.


  1. Excellent. Very important stuff. Ultimately, given the finite resources of this planet, this must be the future of the minerals industry..?

    Chris Bryan, Curtin University, Australia

  2. This is a good development. It is very relevant to the mineral processing. Keep the good work!
    Samuel Awe, LTU, Sweden

  3. That is a very good ideia. We have to keep goin' on this high quality conference.
    Mauricio L Torem
    DEMa PUC-Rio

  4. Agreed that this is a good development. I am sure that we can establish (if not already established) a network of suitable authors and referees for these papers?

    Norm Lotter, Sudbury

  5. This will strengthen importance of both Minerals Engineering and the SRCR conference series. Damien Giurco, UTS, Australia

  6. Dear Barry,

    Good news from the ME...

    As you know, we have been working on separation and hydrometallurgy-biohydrometalleurgy metal recovery techniques of WEEE (E-waste), Spent batteries, Petrochemical waste. Good look for recycling and environmental issues. We have already submitted a good review of E-waste for the journal. Hope that you will get more & more papers from these issues.

    Prof.Dr. Ata AKCIL
    Head, MMRR Research Group

    S. D. University, Engineering Faculty
    TR32260 Isparta, Turkey

  7. That seems a very good idea to me Barry and prompts a question from me! The demise of much of the mining industry in Europe beginning in the 70s caused a later shift in research focus from minerals to recycling (eg treatment of WEEE, building materials) for many minerals processing departments at European universities. It would be interesting to know if many of those departments have refocused back to minerals as a consequence of the recent/current boom and if there has been a lasting legacy from all that recycling research (most obviously in separation technology) the current minerals industry can take advantage of.

    Rolf Fandrich, JKTech Pty Ltd, Australia

  8. Good question Rolf. Let's hear what the academics have to say

  9. This a very brilliant idea; environmental and sustainability issues have become very important in the minerals and metals community and will play a significant role in the future. I am sure there are quite a lot of researchers in this area who will be very happy to publish their work in this high quality journal.

    Selo Ndlovu, Wits University, South Africa

  10. Mineral processing and environmental issues are not mutually exclusive. Thus, expanding the scope of mineral engineering to incorporate environmental issues is definitely a great idea.

  11. Its great to know that people have finally started thinking for our own environment This should have been done long before...but better late than never ....A good step definitely

    Prashant Singh Jadon, NMDC Ltd, India

  12. It's great to see people in our industry standing up for sustainable development. We need to change the debate area from it's current polarized positioning of mining and sustainability/carbon reduction being forever opposite. We need more people and money looking for ways to reduce emissions whilst improving operating costs, rather than complaining about becoming uncompetitive. The technologies are being developed but need funding and main stream support to gain traction (like our Carbon Friendly Nickel Production process).

    Brett Muller, Simulus, Australia

  13. Thanks Brett. I don't know much about your nickel process. Maybe you would be interested in presenting something next year at Nickel Processing '12?


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