Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Canadian Mineral Processors 2011

Skating on the Ottawa Canal
The Annual CMP conference is held in the same location every year- the Westin Hotel in Ottawa-  allowing delegates the opportunity of unwinding by ice skating on the frozen canal which passes in front of the hotel.

Although not a truly international conference, it draws Canadian mineral processors like a magnet and the 3 events that I have attended have been very impressive and worthwhile. 

I particularly like the way that the CMP looks after its students, and I have just received this report from Brandon Chambers, a post-graduate student at Queen’s University, Canada.

With 501 delegates, the 43rd annual Canadian Mineral Processors Conference, held in Ottawa from January 18th to 20th, was the largest to date. The technical program involved the presentation of 35 papers relating to the areas of operations, plant optimization, flotation, advanced technologies, gold processing and comminution. On Wednesday afternoon, Tony Lipiec gave a special presentation regarding the establishment of the best practice guidelines in mineral processing for NI 43-101.

From a student perspective, the most valuable aspect of this conference was the networking opportunities. At the first lunch of the conference, I had the opportunity to sit at a table with someone working on enargite processing, my graduate thesis topic, as well as another delegate working in microwave application, my undergraduate thesis topic. Finding someone working on similar projects, as well as knowledge gained discussing these topics, is seemingly expected for most experienced delegates, but for a student this interaction is truly exciting. Throughout the rest of the conference’s coffee breaks, lunches, dinners and receptions, I spent my time meeting a variety of people who shared their experiences, opinions and knowledge, as well as engaged in a variety of discussions with my fellow students and myself.

CMP coordinators did an amazing job organizing this conference; especially their efforts in making the students feel welcome and facilitating the student / industry interaction. It is an exciting prospect to be a part of a society which is so hospitable, helpful and generous to the various students in attendance.

I invite comments and photos from other delegates who attended the conference.

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  1. As an attendee, let me congratulate the entire board, staff, and volunteers who contributed their time organizing a flawless event. Everything was excellent.

    As a student, I would like to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to participate in this event alongside a wide gamut of professionals from the mineral processing industry. From you, I have collected valuable information about the industry trends, and the technologies that are currently being used. This knowledge allows me to relate the concepts I learned during my studies at B.C.I.T. with their practical applications in the mineral processing industry.

    On a personal level, many of you have shared some very interesting stories and anecdotes with me, which were accumulated from many years of experience. I'm sure those conversations will help my personal and professional growth.

    Finally, I would like to thank the sponsors who made it economically possible for 31 students from universities and institutes from all over Canada to attend this event. Your support provides a valuable opportunity for people attempting to develop their career in the fascinating world of the mining industry.

    Thank you all for a wonderful week,

    Mauricio Centeno, Chemist, Canada


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