Thursday, 2 December 2010

Richard Williams will present 3rd keynote at SRCR '11

I was very pleased this week when my old friend and colleague Richard Williams agreed to present a keynote lecture at next May's Sustainability through Resource Conservation & Recycling '11 conference in Falmouth, sponsored by Outotec.

Richard is Professor of Mineral and Process Engineering at the University of Leeds. He is also currently Pro-Vice-Chancellor for International Partnerships.

He was formerly a Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering at UMIST, Manchester (as was) and The Royal Academy of Engineering Professor at the University of Exeter (Camborne School of Mines).

He has been at the University of Leeds since January 1999 and is a founder of the Institute of Particle Science and Engineering (IPSE) – with some 130 researchers working on measurement, modelling and manufacture of particles and colloidal products. His research interests are in particle separation, colloid aggregation and precision emulsification and he has worked on the development and specification of tomographic techniques since 1988.

Apart from being a superb speaker, the title of his keynote: Rethinking Separation Methods and Sustainable Uses of Fine Minerals is one to wet the appetite.

A very fine international programme is developing, and will be published next month. Richard joins two other distinguished keynote speakers, Prof. Jan Cilliers of Imperial College, UK, and Dr. Terry Norgate, of Australia's CSIRO.

Anyone wishing to present a paper should submit an abstract as soon as possible.

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