Monday, 7 June 2010

Geometallurgy in the news again

We welcome Bruker who join ALS Mineralogy and IMP Holdings (see posting of 30 March) as major sponsors of Process Mineralogy '10.

Bruker designs and manufactures analytical X-ray systems for elemental analysis, materials research and structural investigations.

Abstracts are now being received for this conference, and the deadline for submissions is the end of this month.

It's good to see geometallurgy in the news again, MEI Online reporting on AMIRA's geometallurgical mapping and mine modelling’ project. Simplified, this is the mineral world’s equivalent of a DNA test. It is similar to looking at a person’s genes at birth and predicting what’s going to happen to them in later life. It is the promise of significantly enhanced knowledge of how an orebody will behave that has led to substantial financial support from major mining companies, with 12 sponsor sites already nominated for future work. I am hoping that we will hear more of this project at Process Mineralogy '10, as geometallurgy is one of the major themes of the conference.


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  2. Barry, I agree that geometallurgy is a very exciting development. I have been chatting with Alan Goode of AMIRA who is project mgr for this research program and it seems like it is a critical step forward in the upfront analysis of mineral depsoits. Tied in with the new lab that JK Tech have built with a focus on geometallurgy - it looks like this relevant expertise and area of knowledge will advance quickly.

    Elizabeth Lewis-Gray, Gekko Systems, Australia


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