Sunday, 18 April 2010

Stranded in Darkest Africa

As is apparent from the photograph, Jon and Amanda are devastated that their flight to London via Dubai has been cancelled,  and so will have to remain in Cape Town until the volcanic cloud disperses. They are now at the Capetonian Hotel near the waterfront, and Amanda was today interviewed by Radio Cornwall, to speak of the privations of being stranded in darkest Africa. I would love to hear of what is happening to other Comminution '10 delegates who are travelling home to, or via, Europe.  Email me at

Meanwhile, after breakfast at the Blouberg Manor Hotel, Barbara and I walked a few miles along the beach at Bloubergstrand, which stretches endlessly northwards. We then called in at Moyo's restaurant for a site inspection with the functions manager, to assess its suitability as a dinner venue for future MEI Conferences.  Later in the afternoon, we had an excellent meal at the restaurant.

Tomorrow we travel up the Namaqualand coast to Paternoster, and hope to be in internet contact there.


  1. I hope Jon and Amanda will not break under the pressure of this tragedy. I see they have already turned to the bottle to deal with the stress!

  2. It's tough in Africa guys, you have my sympathies - keep strong!!

  3. They are showing amazing fortitude!

  4. It's difficult, but so long as the wine holds out we should be ok. We enjoyed a long walk from the city centre to Camps Bay for lunch today, and then back again. Think we'll take a train somewhere tomorrow...


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