Friday, 27 November 2009

On the Quality of BBC Science Reporting

Interesting to see that the UK’s Daily Mail has devoted a whole page article on the UEA CRU email leaks (see my blog of 23rd November). It complains that the BBC etc are not giving any coverage to these leaks and questions why not.

Very good question! I have felt for some time that the BBC’s science reporting is abysmal with unsubstantiated alarmist stories, often accompanied with vague statements such as “scientists say..”.

Climate change is almost always preceded with ‘man made’ and often the reports begin with ‘scientists agree that…’. Sorry, no, they don’t!!

If there is anyone from the BBC out there reading this, I would be really interested in your views, particularly on what I see is a bias towards anthropogenic glocal warming.

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  1. Sadly in my opinion the BBC has become institutionally biased towards the agenda of the liberal elite Barry.
    It’s not just the quality of the science that has been polluted but the whole reporting spectrum.
    Whether its politics, economics, science or political correctness the BBC constantly skews its output to back up the arguments of those in the seats of power there.
    I have my own personal irritation in that the BBC always speaks of the “recovery” in house prices, or them “moving in the right direction”. No explanation of why this is the right direction or the negative effects on the economy of unproductive assets soaking up more capital.
    I’m afraid it is a sad indictment of the society we live in that even the supposed public service broadcaster cannot retain its impartiality.


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