Thursday, 28 May 2020

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There have been comments on the following postings since the last update:

Memories of Egypt and CMRDI
Prof. Doug Rawlings, 1952-2020
2019 MEI Young Person's Award to Nikhil Dhawan
Hi-Tech Metals '20 and Process Mineralogy '20 are cancelled
Cape Town IMPC postponed until April 2021
An exciting new polymetallic mineral deposit found in West Cornwall
Return to Chingola
Major honours to Sue Harrison and Frank Roberto
AusIMM Honorary Fellowships to Tim Napier-Munn and John Ralston
Comminution: developments and thought over the last decade
Is the reopening of mines creating boundless joy?
Why good technical English is essential for journal papers
Malaysia: memories of Penang and the Kinta Valley

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