Friday, 3 April 2020

Memories of Hydromet 2000

Following Flotation 2000, we had a long weekend break in Adelaide, before Hydromet 2000 began at the Adelaide Hilton 20 years ago today. Sixty five delegates from 13 countries attended the 3-day conference, which MEI organised in association with the University of Melbourne. Sponsorship was provided by AMIRA, Baker Process and Technomag.
A few photos from the event are shown below:


  1. Can someone, with experience, comment on the future of hydrometallurgy please--I am thinking more on why it has not taken off particularly for lean ores and or tailings being duped out.What are the main gaps in knowledge and practical limitations?

    1. This doesn't precisely answer your question but does provide some good information on the current challenges and industry outlook for sulphide leaching


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