Thursday, 11 April 2019

Big changes at the Coalition for Eco-Efficient Comminution

MEI has a very close involvement with the Coalition for Eco-Efficient Comminution (CEEC), which is an Industry Advocate for Physical Separation '19, Comminution '20 and Sustainable Minerals '20, and MEI is a media partner for CEEC.
It was great to hear (MEI Online) that our good friend Mike Battersby has been appointed Chair of the CEEC Board of Directors. Mike and his company Maelgwyn Mineral Services have for many years sponsored MEI's flotation conferences, and he has been a regular visitor to Falmouth, his company being based in Cardiff, Wales, which is closer to Falmouth than is London.
Physical Separation '17 in Falmouth. Mike (3rd left) with fellow CEEC Directors Nick Wilshaw (1st left) and
Tim Napier-Munn (2nd right). CEEC sponsors Goldcorp and Gekko were represented by
Simon Hille (2nd left) and Sandy Gray (right) respectively
The CEEC is well known for its comminution energy curves, developed by 2017 MEI Young Person's Award winner Dr. Grant Ballantyne and Prof. Malcolm Powell at Australia's JKMRC. Grant recently moved from academia to Ausenco, and the new team will be led by JKMRC Senior Research Fellow Dr. Cathy Evans (MEI Online). Cathy is one of the three editors of the JKMRC Monograph Process Mineralogy, which was showcased at Process Mineralogy '17 in Cape Town.
Cathy (right) with fellow book editors Elaine Wightman and Megan Becker
Cathy is photographed below with CEEC CEO Alison Keogh and JK's Sustainable Minerals Institute Director Neville Plint.
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  1. Great News, Barry--so happy to see so many from J.K.--best wishes to you all.


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