Monday, 11 June 2018

Sunday in Windhoek

After a very long journey from Cornwall, it was great to relax in the beautiful gardens of the Windhoek Country Club yesterday afternoon, where we met up with a few early conference delegates, Jack Carr and Nick Wilshaw, of Grinding Solutions Ltd, UK, and Naomi Boxall and Anna Kaksonen of CSIRO, Australia.
Windhoek Country Club

In the evening we took taxis into Windhoek city and to one of Namibia's most famous eating places, Joe's Beerhouse, to dine on zebra, kudu and springbok steaks.
Nick Wilshaw and Jack Carr with Jon Wills

Naomi and John Boxall

Barbara, Barry and Amanda Wills
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  1. Looking forward to another great conference already had some good conversations at registration hopefully more to come.


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