Friday, 19 February 2016

Follow conferences via their Twitter hashtags

It is good to see many major conferences now making effective use of Twitter hashtags.
Last week I was in Cape Town for the African Mining Indaba (posting of 13 February) and many of the delegates, including me, were using the hashtag #MiningIndaba to bring their tweets together, thus providing an effective overview of the event.
Next week I will be in USA for the SME Annual Meeting in Phoenix, and will be following people's views via #SME2016ACE.
This year's IMPC in Quebec City already has the hashtag #IMPC2016 and all MEI Conferences display their Twitter hashtag on their respective home pages.
So if you are a conference organiser, advertise your hashtag, and if you do not have a Twitter account I urge you to do so- its 140 character limit per tweet makes it a very easy way of keeping up to date.

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