Thursday, 23 October 2014

Final Farewells at IMPC 2014

A wonderful few days in Santiago ended today with a final farewell party by the Sheraton pool. Many thanks to the organising committe, led by Prof. Juan Yianatos, conference manager Romke Kuyvenhoven and the impressive Gecamin team (pictured below with IMPC 2016 chairman Jim Finch).



  1. Dear Dr Barry
    What about the young brigade I mean student participants? In India it was a good number. And secondly I was expecting atleast 10-15 pics of you with the young researchers as you and Prof. Rao are the most spotted persons surrounded by young folks with among other stalwarts .
    Rama murthy

    1. One of the great things about IMPCs, and this was no exception, is the opportunity that it gives young persons to present their work to an international audience, often for the first time. And the Young Authors Awards reflects the importance of young people to the IMPC.


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