Wednesday, 13 August 2014

News of South-West England minerals people

Nick and Felicity (Flee) Wilshaw of Truro-based Grinding Solutions Ltd joined us for lunch today. Offering technical, marketing and investment consultancy, as well as laboratory testing facilities, to all fields of mineral processing, their company is particularly recognised throughout the industry as a leader in ultra-fine grinding. As such Grinding Solutions was a sponsor and exhibitor earlier this year at Comminution '14.

With Nick and Flee at MEI
Now they are seeking to broaden their flotation capabilities, and this week Jon's partner Dr. Kathryn Hadler, formally with Imperial College, joined the company to strengthen the expertise in this area.
Kathryn with IMPC Chairman Cyril O'Connor, Cape Town 2011
A very good friend of Nick and Flee is Charlie Northfield, Process Plant Manager at the new tungsten mine, Drakelands, in Devon. Charlie and Nick graduated from Camborne School of Mines with degrees in Mineral Processing Technology in 1980. Following on the success of the monthly Cornish Mining Sundowners in Falmouth, Charlie has initiated a Devon Sundowner, and has sent me the photo below, taken at the inaugural sundowner on 1st August, attended by Wolf Minerals employees, with guest of honour Andrew Sarosi, former Chief Metallurgist, Hemerdon Project, AMAX Exploration UK.
1st Devon Mining Sundowner. Andrew Sarosi 2nd left, Charlie Northfield 2nd right
The Sundowners are planned to be held on the first Friday of every month from 5pm at the Miner’s Arms, Hemerdon. Anyone involved in mining and related industries is welcome.

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