Monday, 3 February 2014

JK Boost for Women in Mining

Diana Drinkwater (centre) visiting MEI in Falmouth last month
As reported in MEI Online,  one of the JKTech's valued team members, Diana Drinkwater, Metallurgical Training Manager, has recently been appointed as the first female Chair, Education Commission for the International Mineral Processing Council.  In her role with IMPC, Diana will lead a global review of mineral processing curricula around the world and an evaluation of how well it matches current industry needs.
In another demonstration of diversity in the mining industry, JKTech has also recently appointed its first female board member, Leeanne Bond, and also within the last year has appointed the first female to its executive management team with Julia Sloman joining as General Manager, Commercial.
JKTech’s commitment to supporting women in the industry has resulted in women currently representing approximately 40% of its workforce across technical, administration, support and management services.
Meanwhile, we send our best wishes to Prof. Dee Bradshaw, of the JKMRC, MEI consultant to Flotation '15, who this week starts a 6 month sabbatical as a Visiting Professor at Hacettepe University, Turkey.

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  1. Thank you for passing on the news that I am at Hacettepe in Turkey! This appointment as a visiting Professor has a been a long time in the planning and I am humbled to be walking in the legacy of Professor Alban Lynch who first came here in 1997 or 1998! My interaction with Hacettepe started in 2001, when Zafir spent a year at UCT (after Alban’s recommendation), that’s when the first ‘Ekmekci and Bradshaw’ publications started and we have been working together ever since! The collaboration has extended both ways to include many others, first as student exchanges, and more recently as colleagues (people such as Ozlem Bicak, and Liza Forbes) and a highlight was the “Wet vs Dry” workshop that we held before the IMPC in Istanbul in Sept 2006.

    I would also like to add my perspective on your article on ‘women’ and the JK. In the 30 or so years that I have been working in research in Minerals Processing, I have seen the landscape change dramatically, some of the changes have been obvious and anticipated (like having more female toilets around) but others have been more subtle and also reflected the changing nature of our Industry. We see a much more globally integrated Mining Industry , with some of the traditional ‘command and control’ hierarchies replaced by ‘connect and collaborate’ ones, we see the importance of articulation and communication of ideas that are also suited to more feminine skills. More and more we see women playing important roles in teaching and nurturing of research environments and of course we see many young bright female students excelling!

    I am really pleased to see your acknowledgement of Diana’s achievements and contribution and I would also like to add mine of a few others at the JK, particularly of Sarah Schwarz as Regional Manager - South America at JKTech Pty Ltd based in Santiago, of Elaine Wightman who runs the JKMRC Mineralogy group and Cathy Evans who is the theme leader of ‘Ore characterisation’ in the P9 project. Then of course there are the women who ‘make it happen’ Like Tracey Richards and Sherrin Brundle and the many others! So thank you all!!
    Dee Bradshaw, JKMRC, Australia and Visiting Professor Hacettepe University, Turkey


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