Friday, 14 February 2014

Ferocious Storm Hits Falmouth

Relentless!  Is there any end to this 'conveyor belt of storms' that is causing chaos in the UK?  This afternoon's storm was the biggest to hit Falmouth, and never in my 40 years here have I seen a sea as big on this stretch of coast.  The photos below I took an hour ago on the MEI Conferences walking route, and this YouTube video, taken from the window of the MEI office, gives some idea of the strength of the wind.  All around the world there are extreme weather conditions at the moment, so let us know how you are fairing, no matter where you are.

The road to Swanpool Beach
Swanpool Beach
Swanpool Beach
Falmouth Seafront
Gyllingvase Beach


  1. Not too bad in Belgium, I guess your island is shielding us from the biggest storms. Best wishes to the people in your end.

  2. We've got extreme high temperatures and really need rain. Wondering what our winter will bring?!
    Gill Sydenham, Cape Town, South Africa

  3. Snow here in Cairo, Egypt. First had since 112 years
    A. Shaka, Cairo


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